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As of 6/1/17, we have the following Fridays & Saturdays available October-December 2017:

Fri 10/13
Sat 11/4
Fri 11/17
Fri 11/24
Fri 12/1
Sat 12/2
Fri 12/8
Sat 12/9
Fri 12/15
Sat 12/16
Fri 12/22
Sat 12/23
Fri 12/29
Sat 12/30


As of 6/1/17, we have all Saturdays open January-December except

Sat 1/6
Sat 1/20
Sat 1/27
Sat 3/3
Sat 4/21
Sat 4/28
Sat 5/19
Sat 6/2
Sat 7/14
Sat 9/29

How does the Hold process work?

After an interested client has toured the venue, they are welcome to place a date on a temporary Hold. There is no money due at this time and there is no time limit on the Hold. This means the client has first right of refusal on the date. If you are interested in a date that is on a Hold, we would be happy to check in on the status to see if it may be opening up. If you became ready to book a date that is on a Hold, the client Holding the date would have 24 hours to move forward with booking, release the date or switch their Hold to a different date.