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Frequently Asked Questions

Catering FAQs:

What is your food/beverage minimum?

413 on Wacouta does not have a food/beverage minimum! You work directly with the caterer of your choice. Note there is a usage fee assessed to each caterer. It is the caterer's responsibility to pay this charge and it may be incorporated into your proposal.

What are my bar service options?

We have a "BYOB" option for a Hosted bar. See Rates page for more details. Many of our caterers also provide bar service. You may choose to use one company for both food and beverage. Or, there are other bar service options as well. See the list on our Vendors page.

Who provides flatware, china, linens and other rentals?

All caterers are full-service and can provide staff, full place-settings and linens. You may choose to rent décor from a separate rental company as well, this will need to be coordinated with your caterer of choice.

Does all food have to come through one of your listed caterers?

All meals must come through one of our caterers. You may bring in dessert through any licensed baker. You are not allowed to serve your own food with the exception of packaged dry snacks and nuts.

What is your cake-cutting fee?

We do not charge a cake-cutting fee. You may bring in your dessert through any licensed baker. Your catering company of choice may assess a cake-cutting fee if they will be serving a separate company's dessert.

Does lunch for my Wedding Party need to be catered?

You are free to bring in refreshments, lunch and snacks throughout the day for your Wedding Party. We only ask that this is finished when your caterer/bar service providers arrive for the event.


Each caterer is fully insured and has been required to supply a valid catering and liquor license to 413 on Wacouta.

The catering list will be evaluated periodically and is subject to change.

Rental Rate FAQs:

What is not included in your rental rate?

Aside from your base rental rate, 3 additional rates apply: On-Site Coordinator fee, Security Fee and Insurance. Please see Rates tab for more information.

When does my rental end?

Your rental ends at Midnight at the latest. We play Last Song at 11:30pm which allows 30 minutes for mingling, finishing beverages and making after-party plans if desired. Vendors have until 12:30am to complete load-out.

General FAQs:

Are you Handicapped accessible?

Yes- we have an elevator that has access from our side parking lot.

Do you have air conditioning?

Yes- the entire building is equipped with air conditioning.

What about parking?

A 75 car lot is located kiddy corner from our building for $3/car. We have 10 parking spots available in our alley. Additionally, on-street parking is free 4pm Friday – Sunday.

Are there any hotels nearby?

We are connected via skyway system to the DoubleTree hotel. This is a popular option for guests! The Saint Paul Hotel is also nearby.

How many restrooms do you have?

We have a total of 9 stalls available for events between the 1st, 2nd and Reception Room levels.

Do you have a secure room for my belongings and gifts?

The Bridal Suite is included with all rentals. This is a secure room where you can keep purses, changes of shoes/outfits, etc. The 413 on Wacouta staff will happily open this room for family and Wedding Party members throughout the event. We will keep all gifts in a separate, secure location and will assist with load-out of these with your appointed family or friend.

Do you offer coat check?

When weather dictates, we offer several coat racks near the entrance of the building for self-checking. Racks are located with Security for safe-keeping.

Do you have any decoration restrictions?

We try to be as accommodating as possible! Please ask if you have any questions before making large purchases. Candles are encouraged so long as they are enclosed. Taper candles or open-flames without walls are not permitted. We do not allow nails in the walls or permanent items to be affixed. No glitter, confetti, buffets with small, lose items are permitted. We do not allow fireworks/sparklers inside or on the city sidewalks. We cannot hang items from reception room ceiling.

What is your guest count capacity?

We can seat 150 for the ceremony suite (this does not include those standing at the altar) and 200 for a dinner reception.

Do you have any photo locations nearby?

We are proud to offer several stunning photography locations within steps of our venue. Our historic building is beautiful for exterior photos. Mears Park is only steps away for natural green space photos. Our alley is a gorgeous setting for urban photography. Our rooftop is accessible for Bride/Groom photos only, which showcases a skyline view which includes the capitol.